Wholesome Living Substance Abuse Is A Self Abuse

Wholesome Living Substance Abuse Is A Self Abuse Erasmus+ Project

“Wholesome Living Substance Abuse Is A Self Abuse” is an Erasmus+ project focused on tackling the topic of substance misuse while promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle among students and their families.

The latest official data shows that drinking and drug use among young people has more than halved over the past 10 years. Yet there are still significant numbers of young people across the Euro using and misusing substances, and some of these are at risk of developing severe and enduring substance misuse problems that continue into adulthood. Health inequalities relating to substance misuse are evident, with vulnerable groups (such as those excluded from school, young offenders and care leavers) far more likely to experience substance misuse problems.

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Early school leaving is a very important problem that is linked to unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty. There are many reasons why some young people give up education and training prematurely:personal or family problems, learning difficulties, or a fragile socio-economic situation. Some of the most common reasons that are common for all school partners in this project are addressed to a range of triggers and combines education and social policy, youth work and health related aspects such as drug and tobacco use. As the applicant organization ,having in mind the present situation concerning drugs and cigarettes in our schools we decided to prepare this project.

The countries involved in this project proposal are: London, Romania,Turkey , ,Poland and Greece .The age range of students is 13-17.The aim of our project:Too Smart to start ‘ is to fight with drug and cigarette addiction, and unhealthy habits at school and everyday life of students through the development of a programme of prevention and involving students in activities promoting healthy lifestyle.

Overall Objectives:
-Development and implementation of programmes to prevent the use and abuse of psychoactive substances, alcohol and cigarettes at school.
-Decrease the number of of students that have the intention of ESL related to health problems
-Promotion of healthy lifestyle and reduce the demand and the use of psychoactive substances among students and young people;
-Expanding opportunities for inclusion of students and young people in forms of modern health education, based on “peer education” in school;
– Research among students and implementation of national and international strategies against the use of drugs,cigarettes and unhealthy habits among students;
-Development of partnership with other countries in order to ensure mutual exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Specific objectives:
-to prevent or postpone the first experience with drugs and cigarettes;-to prevent regular use and abuse of drugs, cigarettes and unhealthy food, as well as developing addiction;
– parallel development of knowledge and skills for a healthy lifestyle and avoid risky behavior;- active involvement of many partners to build a healthier environment;
-to teach the notion of solidarity being integration shown by a society or group with people and their neighbours -its importance;
– to teach the importance of a healthy life style trough the inclusion of doctors and experts to talk to students about health;
– to improve personal and professional skills for teachers;-teachers and students will learn, improve and use new technologies;-a survey and the help of the analysed results of this survey to the establishment and elaboration of national and international strategies against the use of drug, cigarettes and unhealthy habits among students.

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The project will create the following products: questionnaire about the use of drugs and cigarettes and measures for the fight with them, a brochure of national and international strategies, a culinary catalogue with healthy recipes in different countries ‘Europe cooks Healthy ‘ ,an encyclopedia “Reach Success ”, essay competitions,sports competitions,a booklet with essays and a usb pendrive with presentations, a usb pendrive with songs, workshops of healthy life habits, network of healthy habits, trans disciplinary lessons will be implemented, students will become teachers for a week in different lessons, a portfolio with lesson plans, meeting with doctors and experts will be carried out, flash mob and exhibitions, school partnership website, eTwinning platform-Twin Space, analyzes reporting, videos, film of the projects development, brochures and posters,. The project will promote tolerance, social cohesion and solidarity for the participating students through involvement in various activities.

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We will try to show students that healthy living including healthy habits and sports activities will change the way they live. Teachers will gain by strengthening communication between the students and themselves, exchanging ideas in the field of drug and cigarette prevention and the development of intercultural dialogue with colleagues and students from partnering schools. All schools will benefit by creating better relations between teachers, students and the community, making school more dynamic and stimulating for all.