Creative Arts Promoting Equality, Diversity & Social Inclusion

”Creative Arts Promoting Equality, Diversity & Social Inclusion” includes 5 organisation (UK,TU, RO, IT,GR) that work directly or indirectly with arts as a tool for social inclusion, engagement & empowerment. Project activities are designed to develop enterprise &innovative approaches combining non-formal methodologies with artistic tools (digital media storytelling, drama & creative thinking) in different learning contexts (formal & non formal).The project additionally supports youth professionals in developing & sharing effective methods in reaching out to disadvantaged young people & in promoting social inclusion.

This will provide the people working directly with young migrants with practical tools to use in their work. Through this approach we aim to reach out to young refugees and migrants & empower them to be proactive in local communities, changing the negative narratives into positive ones.


-Share and generate best practice, confront & test the benefits of using art tools for social inclusion, engaging and empowering young migrants & refugees

-Generate tools, materials &learning products that are transferable & adaptable to the needs of communities, schools and youth organisations

-Engender a positive attitude towards inclusion & a willingness to engage in dialogue, within both migrant & host communities

-Explore the ways culture & the arts can help increase migrants’ participation in cultural and societal life as well as to promote intercultural dialogue & diversity

-Empower disadvantaged youngsters through creative arts & provide them with the opportunity to advocate for their rights and their role in society

-Promote a culture of healing and bringing together communities through arts as a consuit to strengthening and reinforcing a feeling of belonging, progressing values & equality in society/local communities

-Extend the “power” of arts and non-formal education in a number of different contexts (cultural &youth center, schools etc)

-Support the entrepreneurship of migrants & improve their employment opportunities

-Competence development of youth workers & trainers towards the social inclusion of young migrants experiencing barriers to participation &with fewer opportunities